Things I’ve Learned While Watching Top Gear

We’ve been on a bit of a Top Gear marathon lately. This has mostly been instigated by both a lack of other things to watch and my odd growing obsession with the show and luckily we have 14 seasons to work through, so it’ll take at least a few weeks to catch up completely. I can’t help it, watching those blokes do insane things in often insane cars is a blast. It leaves me dreaming of driving Porches or Zondas all night. It’s also caused me to learn a few things.

  1. Americans get all the crappy cars. I’d like to move to Europe just to be able to buy the cars they show every week. Even the less fun hatchbacks are much more awesome than the ones we get over here.
  2. I’m easily encouraged to drive like a maniac. It doesn’t take much watching to make me want to drive super fast and attempt handbrake parallel parking.
  3. I have an inexplicable crush on James May.
  4. I’m never going to be happy with the car I’m driving.

That’s all. For now.

Boring I know.

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