Remodel Woes

The course of true love never did run smooth and neither does the course of making a couple small updates to your house.

Over a month ago we started down the path of updating our siding. The old cedar shingles were slowly rotting and the paint was peeling; the idea of replacing more shingles and once again painting the house (something we did just a couple years before) just seemed like a waste. So enter a project to update to fancy HardiePlank Fiber Cement siding. Then, because hey the majority of the labor for replacing the windows would be done with the siding job we decided to get rid of our old, falling apart, drafty, leaky, horrible, aluminum windows and replace them with uber energy efficient ones. And hey while they’re at it I’d wanted a new kitchen floor for ages…. It was already adding up.

First, they found rot under the siding. Then, they found mold under the rot. Then, the windows didn’t fit as perfectly into the interior trim as we’d hoped necessitating replacing that AND one of the windows arrived from the manufacturer broken (still waiting on the glass guy to repair). Meanwhile, while replacing the kitchen floor it was discovered that the previous owners (dating back to the 50s) had never actually removed flooring, they just kept putting layer after layer after layer on top of each other (it was like a time machine even including avocado green at one point) so there was no way to actually get the floor level with the rest of the rooms without a huge job at triple the cost (let’s just say it’s not level now and I’m happy that way, probably how all those past owners ended up with layers of floor not removed). All in all it’s been an…experience.

My, should be done in just a couple weeks, project has already spanned a month and we still have to tear the bathroom down to the studs (the location of the black mold discovered under the rot!) and put in new drywall and a shower surround.

You never learn this stuff as an apartment dweller. Up until we bought our house a few years back apartments were all I knew. It’s been a real eye opener! Next time I’m taking my projected budget and tripling it, would probably be closer to the reality!

Is this what it’s always like? There are still other small updates I’d like to make, not to mention the dream of adding a second bathroom. With the way this project has gone I can’t help but think that buying a new house would be less hassle!

The house, once upon a time:

The house, a month ago (well okay, a couple years ago right after we finished painting last time):

The house, right now:

I still have to decide what color to paint. Decisions, decisions! Any suggestions?

3 Replies to “Remodel Woes”

  1. Pink! And lime green!

    Wasn’t one of your old goals to be the crazy looking house with which everyone would use when giving directions nearby?

  2. Wow… rot, mold… ick. The new windows sound nice and hardieplank is great. Supposed to last a long time. Good to know about budgets. Oy.

    I can’t believe the layers of kitchen flooring!

    Colors: How about a warm color? Sorta leaning orange but not light electric. A tempered burnt orange? It would awesome with all that green grass, hedges and the slate gray garage door 🙂

    A cool color door could be in the plan?

  3. I’ve been gradually replacing windows and doors in my 30 year house. We started with Marvin because of the reputation and expertise with custom windows – since the first one in need of replacement was custom. I got a recommendation for an installation contractor from Marvin. Though I’ve had nothing in terms of Marvin products requiring follow up, I did need some corrective action on some non-Marvin products and the service and commitment to satisfaction of the Marvin affiliated installation contractor has been excellent.

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