M-O-O-N Spells Apocalypse

I work from home. I love it; I really do, though it does get quite lonely sometimes. Pajamas are my friend, my car rarely gets driven and I’ve turned into quite the home body.  I also tend to get a little out of the loop; I rarely have to pay attention to the weather reports anymore and shopping from home is my friend. Really, I’m just becoming a bit of a recluse.

A couple of weeks ago we were watching Stephen King’s The Stand (it really hasn’t held up to the test of time, but that’s another story) and it got me thinking–if the apocalypse were to strike would I even notice? I mean honestly, those are the kind of things that pop into my head these days, I have a bit more time on my hands than I used to and the silence of the house makes you think odd things, but it’s a valid point. I can go a week or more without stepping a foot outside, unless I want the mail. I wouldn’t actually physically talk to other people if I didn’t live with someone. Unless the cable or power goes out I wouldn’t really notice what’s going on. I think, unless my house actually blew up or zombies broke in, I’d likely survive whatever is going on just due to sheer obliviousness, at least until my next Safeway delivery didn’t show up.

If the apocalypse strikes it won’t be the gun nuts or the people who stocked up on supplies who survive, it’ll be the telecommuters.

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