Growing Up

Today I got the sad news that one of my last remaining piercings was going to have to come out. Of course I could let it heal and re-pierce it. But, could I actually do that? Getting random bits of your body stuck with a needle all in the name of “it looks/feels cool” when you’re in your late teens or early 20s is one thing, when you’re rapidly approaching 30 it’s another thing entirely. All I could think was “I think I’m a bit too old for that” and then “but why?”

I’m not really that different than I was at 21 when I got said hole added to my body. Sure, I’m a few pounds heavier and I live in the suburbs now, but I still delight in dying my hair random colors. Halloween is still my favorite holiday. I don’t know how mature and responsible you can really call me. When did I hit that sudden barrier where it seems a waste of time and money to get a piercing? When did I get that old? Will the hair color be next? Will I give up metal and alternative rock for easy listening?

It’s probably just personality and pain tolerance shifting with time. But I’m feeling like an fuddy-duddy right now.

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