Opting In vs. Not Opting Out – A Little About Email Permissions

Part of my job involves talking to people about list permissions and it can often be a difficult conversation. When are you allowed to spa er contact your mailing list? Well the general rule of thumb should be if they’ve explicitly and directly *asked* you to contact them about that topic. And yes, I’m saying that should be the general rule no matter what, not just if you’re using the company I work for to send with.

A few things that doesn’t mean. It means you can’t say on a form “if you don’t want to hear from me click here” or say later “they can always just unsubscribe” and add them anyway. They need to explicitly opt-in first by checking a box saying something like “please add me to your mailing list” or explicitly asking you to add them to your list. You want everyone on your list to have explicitly asked to hear from you. Quality over quantity. The happier your subscribers are the more engaged they are. And the more engaged they are the more likely they are to click links, make purchases and walk away with a positive opinion about your company.

So just remember. Set the bar high for your opt-ins. Don’t try and add everyone and their cousin to your list. Make them ask to be added. Because if they truly want to hear from you…then they truly want to hear from you. Sure your list might be smaller than if you tried to add everyone you possibly could, but those are the people who truly want to hear what you’re saying.

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