Holiday Spam

What is it about the holidays that make people go crazy? First they trample each other trying to get good deals on Black Friday, then they start stalking parking lots at malls, cutting each other off with abandon and a sense of glee. And those are just the consumers!

Businesses, they tend to make great leaps in losing their ethics. It becomes a sudden race to make as many sales as possible, no matter what it takes. Even if it means dusting off those lists they haven’t used in a couple years or somehow acquiring new lists of prospects. It’s amazing how much more unsolicited email I get from about mid November until mid January. It’s far more often than I get aggressively stalked for my parking space, that’s for sure!

So for anyone wondering, no matter the time of year, keep opt-in rules in mind. Treat others as you’d like to be treated, and if you like getting unsolicited emails…well treat them how a normal person would like to be treated. Unless they really truly asked you to contact them (and they did it recently at that!) don’t do it. And if they did ask you to contact them, respect them and don’t send 2 emails a day about that sale they just have to know about. Spread a little holiday cheer by not pissing people off.

Oh and if you’re one of those people who likes to trample others and becomes rude and aggressive in mall parking lots, cut that out too please.

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