Random Audi photos! The front view shows the currently missing under bumper (which just sits in my garage and can be snapped back in, I’m just far too lazy) and there is another photo showing the poor sad damaged back bumper. It really isn’t a big deal, though :). Otherwise, for the age it’s in pretty good shape! Has little scratches and rock chips, but what car doesn’t?

The photo that focuses on the steering wheel also blurrily shows the after market stereo that’s in there. Has a USB port that supports any plugged in hard drive for MP3 playback or iDevice or has a standard line-in. The color on the face of it can be adjusted between like 100 shades, because I just had to get it to match the rest of the interior colors (red 😉 ). The stock stereo still exists, though, and includes a 5 disc CD changer in the trunk, in case someone wanted to put it back to stock.

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