Nerves Getting the Best of Me

Today is the last day of my braces-free-life, at least for a couple of years. All I can think about are luscious plates of corn on the cob and sides of caramel apples and peanut brittle; foods I normally don’t love (well except for the corn), but the idea of not being able to have them, horror! At least it’s taking my mind off the worries of pain, inability to eat, inability to talk and other assorted fears that keep bubbling up at random moments.

Early tomorrow morning I go in to have both iBraces (uppers) and ceramic braces (lowers) installed (such an odd word, makes me feel like a car, having something “installed”). Wish me luck!

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  1. It’s not too bad. Granted my experience with them is about… Wow, 16 or so years ago. I imagine the technology is a bit better. But yeah, no corn on the cob, but otherwise corn is fine. Gum is also definitely a no no, as is taffy. I missed Nowandlaters while I had braces. The one time I tried to eat them with braces, it pulled on off. I had mine for around 5 years, but it was worth it, no problems with teeth since.

  2. My orthodontist swears I’ll actually be able to chew certain types of gum, or at least try it and see how it’ll work in my specific situation. Fingers crossed since I’m a gum addict.

  3. I was able to chew sugar free gum with mine. My biggest fear was Oreo’s. The pain gets less with time. I’m so very glad I do not have shark teeth anymore.

  4. Well that’s cool. I suppose chewing gums aren’t as sticky as bubblegum. I wasn’t a big gum chewer either way so it didn’t affect me much not being able to have it. With mine, it was always achy for a couple days after an adjustment, but any over the counter pain medication would help with that. The big annoyance for me was the headgear. I was supposed to wear it overnight every day. I tried it the first couple days. Very uncomfortable and made you drool in your sleep. So in my infinite 15 year old wisdom stopped wearing it. Turns out this was actually a good decision as my orthodontist continually praised the ‘progress’ the headgear was making on the jaw alignment.

  5. Yeah, I had weird dreams when my teeth began moving.
    But it’s SOOoooo worth it.
    Congrats D!

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