So what is this all about? Probably not much. I’m a geek who’s worked in the tech industry for a very long time, these days specializing in email marketing and stuff; I work for a place called Campaign Monitor (full disclosure) as well as running my own freelance consulting company, so I’ll probably talk about geeky type things, especially the wild woolly world of email marketing and permissions/spam. I’m also a book addict and have some pretty strong opinions about certain things about the publishing industry, which may spawn a few rants (and probably book reviews!). Basically, just your typical vanity blog. It’s still all shaping up.

What’s with the Bored Now name? Well see back in my teenage years (far too long ago) I was a very big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and “Bored Now” was a line doppelgänger Willow said in an alternative universe episode and later after turning “evil”. Yeah, okay it’s crazily cheesy, but I’ve had the domain since I was a teenager–it’s sentimental value.