When you’re dogfooding software with something sensitive and you can’t share a bug

Gettin’ ready to create!

Getting my doc on

Okay, it’s a little quirky

The editable field has become completely uneditable. For no reason!



Can I replicate it in another doc or is it only this one?

No! It’s only this one. I can’t share this one.

It’s just this one document that’s inexplicably is broken. And I can’t share it. Fuck.

Top 5 things I’ve learned since buying a convertible

I’ve owned a convertible for 2 weeks now, and let me tell y’all it’s been an adventure. It’s something I’ve dreamed about since I was a teenager, and the reality is pretty awesome, but I’ve still already learned a few lessons from my admittedly short term of ownership.

  1. I’ll be adding in fairly healthy amount to the cost of ownership when factoring in increased sunblock usage AND the number of lint roller sheets I’ll be using to get all the cat fur off the darn soft top. I assumed I’d use more sunblock, but I never really considered the perils of having a light orange cat who goes outside sometimes and likes to lay on my roof combined with a black soft top.
  2. You get a lot more self-conscious about the music you’re listening to. It’s all well and good to rock out to some guilty pleasures when you’re in the relative privacy of your hard top windows rolled up car, but when the top is down and you come to a stop, the whole world can hear that Meghan Trainor you just couldn’t resist singing along to. Yes, even if you’ve turned the volume down.
  3. Trunk space is at a premium. When I bought my car this really didn’t factor in. I mean I wanted something small and sporty and I wanted enough “boot” space to at least put a suitcase when needed, but I almost never used the trunk in my old car, so I didn’t think about trunk space other than that.

    If the top is down, everything is going to go flying if it’s not in a locked container or very heavy. This even includes groceries. So either your convertible needs to be just for fun, you need to leave the roof up to run errands, or you need to have at least some room to store things.

  4. Hats are overrated. They’re going to blow off. Scarves are good if you can pin them down. Sunglasses are a must. And if you’re going for the Grace Kelly look, go all out with a scarf, sunglasses, lipstick, etc. But it gets old, fast.
  5. No one wants a ride. Your mileage may vary here, but since I got my convertible Mini, absolutely no one has wanted to take a spin in it. The same wasn’t true when I got my hard top Mini. It feels like convertibles fall into 2 camps, either you love them or you hate them. I love them, but I seem to know a lot of people who live in the other camp and are now looking at me suspiciously wondering what’s up and how I can be so crazy. Oh well, more drive time for me!

Do you have a convertible? If so, what have you learned?


Resurrecting the past

A funny thing happened with this site. Once upon a time I wrote often. Then..I stopped. Isn’t that the way of blogs? I started to write on other sites, sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure. I kept thinking, “I just don’t know what to write here!”

And I still don’t, but, who cares. I might as well ramble for me. So here goes. My goal for the month of August is to write something at least 3 times a week. I’m not so ambitious as to aim for daily, but thrice weekly seems doable. I shall try and see if I can breathe a little life back into the oldest domain I own. The one I bought as a teenager and just can’t let go of.

Til next time…

RSS is Dead

I’m pretty sure that’s what Google is really saying, with today’s announcement that they’ll be shutting down Reader come July 1st. There can’t be another reason. Well except for Currents. It’s either that, or Google just has it out for me personally. RIP Reader. You will be missed.

Rejection Sucks

I’m sure nobody likes to hear the word “No”. Goodness knows I don’t! Today has been full of rejections, from things I was certain I would succeed at to things that shouldn’t matter and yet somehow did.

I’ve always been of the, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” crowd, but somedays one can’t help but struggle to find the meaning in the banal saying. I guess those are the days that truly matter, the ones you come out of with a fresh perspective and a new sense of hope. I hope that’s the case here. I’m not a just give up type of person, but I’ve been beating my head against a wall for a long time now. Sometimes you just have to know when to move on.